I migliori Tweetbook 2018 in lingua estere

Ed ecco i migliori tweetbook 2018 in inglese, francese, spagnolo

1° classificato: Alessando Pasquale, 2BI Itis “Rossi” Vicenza:

A crew, a ship, a map in a treasure chest. That’s all you need to start your adventure. But remember: quests always include troubles!

isola del tesoro

2° classificato ex aequo Tommaso Milanello, 5AIT Itis “Rossi”

He’s there, constantly watching you. Woe betide those who contradict his truth: HE would get mad and THEY would soon know…


2° classificato ex aequo Denis Morsoletto, 5AIT Itis “Rossi”:

It could be a kids’ history book but it’s not. Creepy WW1 facts and a slight touch of humour: simply all that teachers would never tell you


2° classificato ex aequo Francesca Gallio, 1BSTH Ips “Garbin” Thiene:

Friendship sometimes means doing things you don’t want to. Two children. A friendship.Their tragic destiny

pigiama a righe

2° classificato ex aequo Letizia Giarolo, 2A Itc “Piovene” Vicenza:

That’s what I think: the only reason I’m not normal is because nobody sees me like that


2° classificato ex aequo Francesco Banditori, 2AT Liceo “Lioy” Vicenza:

We are all people who like living in peace so war makes no sense because the real enemy is the fight and not who we are fighting against


2° classificata ex aequo Arianna Marcon, 3CL Liceo “Fogazzaro”:

La rose pousse le prince à quitter les étoiles mais c’est elle même qui le fait revenir:la vraie amitié est invisible aux yeux,pas au coeur!

petit prince

2° classificata ex aequo Anna Pierantoni, 4DL Liceo “Pigafetta” Vicenza

Excusez-moi grandes personnes
mais je veux vous expliquer
la valeur d’une rose apprivoisée:
il suffit d’un instant
pas trop de votre temps

petit prince

9° classificata ex aequo Greta Loro, 1G Itc “Piovene”:

La fuerza de un viejo pescador y las adversidades del destino lo lleva a quedarse sin nada pero con la joya de haber alcanzado el objetivo

vecchio e mare

9° classificata ex aequo Silvia Omozokpea, 3BS Ips “Garbin” Thiene:

Capulets and Montagues got into another fight but Romeo and Juliet planned a secret wedding. Poor guys, they are dead from miscommunication

rome and juliet

9° classificata ex aequo Lucia Calcaterra, 1CC Liceo “Pigafetta” Vicenza:

A dream. A revenge to realize it. The price? Simply a family


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